In the mining industry, cemented carbide is the core component.

All machinery used for digging rocks work thanks to carbide. Tunnels are perforated by drills made of this material, for example the excavation of the Channel Tunnel between France and England.

The experience gained over the years in mining and stone processing enabled us to develop specific carbide grades that allow us to easily undertake different types of processing: (rotation, percussion, roto-percussion, abrasion, etc.) on different types of rock and soil: (sandstone, concrete, tuff, quartzite, porphyry, lava stone, marble, etc.).

We produce every type of widia plate both for brazing and for mechanical fixing, such as:

  • prisms for probe crowns
  • buttons and plates for drilling tools
  • inserts for chainsaws
  • circular saw teeth
  • drawing parts, etc.