Widia: what is it?

Widia is a material with a very high degree of hardness. Also known as Cemented Carbide or Hard Metal, it is mainly used in mechanical machining.
The term derives from the German wie Diamant or “hard as diamond”. In fact it is a very hard alloy, obtained by adding tungsten carbide to a cementing metal such as cobalt. It was the German Krupp who registered the trade name Widia and first used the material as a cutting tool in 1927.

Features of Widia

The characteristics of Widia are hardness and high density. In other words, the material is resistant to abrasion, pressure and deformation. Also, it resists corrosion, erosion, metallic seizure and high temperatures. In short, Widia components and tools are not subject to wear. They are harder than steel ones. And they withstand the highest cutting temperatures.

 The Widia Production

production process is called sintering. What’s it about? First of all the carbide, tungsten and cobalt powders are mixed. Then they are pressed and exposed to high temperatures. As a result, the tungsten carbide particles are incorporated into a cobalt metal matrix. Up to form a single block. With Widia, hard metal producers can achieve: Exclusive products such as gears, machining tools or mechanical components.
Semi-finished products such as widia bars, cylinders and rough inserts, which will then be processed to make tools and tools in hard metal.
Thanks to grinding with diamond wheels or diamond pastes for sanding, the hard metal is refined. Thus it obtains the desired shape, size and type of surface. Types of use of Widia A material such as Widia is resistant and of considerable hardness. Therefore it meets the needs of multiple industrial applications. Among other things, it is used in the following industrial sectors:
  • Metallurgical
  • Mechanic
  • Mining
  • Aeronautical
  • Aerospace
  • Agricultural
  • Food Textile
 it is also used in the field of civil engineering and also in various other sectors.
Given their characteristics, Widia tools are suitable for machining various materials. Between these: Metals Titanium Stone Wood Glass Manufacturers: Nashira Hardmetals Hard metal manufacturers such as Nashira produce components and semi-finished products in widia and hard metals.


Undoubtedly the applications are many. Between these:
  • Components for engines,
  • transmission,
  • chassis and other accessories for vehicles
  • Components for household appliances
  • Support parts of helicopters
  • Components for petrol pumps
  • Rotating blades
  • Inserts for wood,
  • metal and glass processing
  • Wear-resistant gears and components Valves and components for oil and gas pipelines
  • Tools for drilling printed circuit boards
  • Drawing tools
  • Spare parts for machinery
  • Components for technological products
  • Blades for jewelery and watchmaking
  • Surgical forceps
  • Tip of the ballpoint pens
  • Rock drilling machinery tips
  • Bars for copper processing
  • Cans molding
  • Tip of the trekking poles
Due to its hardness and resistance, Widia lends itself to an infinite number of uses. At Nashira, we boast an in-house process that enables the production of complex products of the highest quality and also at a very low price.