The field of surfaces treatment and sandblasting nozzles requires high productivity and standards.

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Our customers know that they can rely on Nashira Hard Metals sandblast nozzles to solve wear problems.
Our specific grades of high strength Tungsten Carbide are a reference point in our industry of surfaces treatment. The production range goes from the most common nozzles for sandblasting to any special nozzle according to customers design. Furthermore we provide plates and anti-wear particulars to protect the parts of machines subject to wear.

What are sandblasting carbide nozzles?

Sandblasting is the abrasion of a surface by means of a jet of air and sand. Therefore it serves to remove oxidations, calcifications and paints, making the surface smooth and free of impurities. It is performed using sandblasting machines and can be performed on various surfaces.

On more delicate surfaces we tend to use a thin grain size and a light pressure. While resistant materials are treated with a more aggressive sandblasting.

The world of sandblasting is predominant in the construction and mechanical sector. It is frequently used to clean walls, ceilings, pylons, cisterns, gates or industrial sheets. In general, there are two options:

  1.     open cycle (or conventional) sandblasting: does not require the removal of the residues generated.
  2.     closed cycle: provides for the suction of the dust generated with the treatment.

Metal blasting

As for metal blasting, this can be performed at various levels:

  •     White metal: removes all corrosion products.
  •     Almost white: removes rust, dirt and scale.
  •     Commercial: good cleaning, but not perfect nor completely homogeneous.
  •     Coarse: it simply removes rust deposits and paint residues.

Carbide Nozzles for sandblasting

For sandblasting, sandblasting machines are used, which operate on compressed air. They produce a strong jet of air and grit, which exerts an abrasive action on the surface to be treated. They are equipped with a tank, a transport tube and a Tungsten Carbide nozzle.

The latter serves to direct the jet and must be particularly resistant, given the high abrasiveness of the mixture used. Therefore, for greater reliability and durability, nozzles of cemented carbide sandblasters are used.

Sandblasting carbide nozzles are a fundamental component in the sandblasting process.

There are multiple factors to consider when choosing the right one: material composition, shape, length and size. For example, a smaller nozzle allows you to concentrate the jet more, increasing the impact on the surface. In general, a correct choice depends on the type of surface to be treated and on the result to be obtained.

Our offer

Nashira Hardmetals supplies nozzles of widia carbide sandblasters of all types and sizes tailored to every need. Our sandblasting hardmetal nozzles guarantee:

  •     High performances
  •     Long duration
  •     Uniform results