Nashira Hard Metals is provided with the latest generation of computer-controlled (CNC) machines and a CAD / CAM station for machine programming and customer care in the design of parts. Furthermore, an equipped laboratory allows us to guarantee a constant quality and adequate product and process controls.


In the view of continuous improvement, Nashira makes use of the Iso 9000 quality certification. Production activities are managed through an advanced ERP software and 5S methodology is implemented in the departments.


Research and development

Today research and development of new products and processes are the cornerstone of our company.

Thanks to a partnership with the engineering faculty, we involved young graduates in mechanical engineering who were preparing an experimental thesis. We provided our know-how and workshops and they shared with us the results of their experiments.

Thanks to one of these valuable collaborations, for example, we have launched a new line of more wear-resistant products

Federico II Napoli