The world of sandblasting and surface treatments requires productivity and high standards.

Our customers know they can count on Nashira Hard Metals nozzles to solve wear problems.
Our specific high strength Tungsten Carbide grades are a benchmark in our industry. The production range goes from the most common nozzles to the Venturi ones and any special nozzle according to the customer’s design. Furthermore, plates and anti-wear parts are offered to protect the parts of machines subject to wear.


In the mechanical industry sector the importance of hard metal components is constantly growing .

The major applications in Europe of sintered components relate to components in the automotive sector.

Hard metal components improve the productivity of applications for metal cutting , equipment in the mining, mineral, civil engineering, agriculture, food production , textile sectors , to name just a few.

Nashira Hard Metals is able to solve any problem related to wear and tear to the resistance of critical parts in hard metal tools thanks to a very high quality production. 
Among our best-selling products:

  • carbide bushes and nuts for bolting and drawing of metals with hard metal grades;
  • raw and ground hard metal bars and cylinders ;
  • blanks for hard metal tools and blanks inserts ;
  • widia inserts  and  widia plates ;
  • hard metal bars ;
  • discs for circular cutters;
  • plates for reamers;
  • hard metal wire guides;
  • hard metal inserts ;
  • rollers and rings . 

These are just some examples of our wide range of hard metal production, customized to the specific needs of our customers.


Sector mining

In the mining sector, cemented carbide takes the lion’s share. All the machinery that digs rocks uses hard metal. The tunnels are perforated with spikes made of this material. For example, the excavation of the Channel Tunnel between France and England.

The experience gained over the years in the mining and stone processing sector has allowed us to develop specific grades of hard metal that allow us to easily cover different types of processing: (rotation , percussion , roto-percussion , abrasion , etc. ) on different types of rock and soils: (sandstone , concrete , tuff , quartzite, porphyry , lava stone , marble, etc. ) .

We produce all types of widia plates both for brazing and mechanical fixing, such as:

  • prisms for probe crowns
  • buttons and plates for drilling tools
  • inserts for chain saws
  • teeth for circular saws
  • details on drawing etc.

Wood / Paper

The cemented carbide provides a better quality tools producers without a reduction of the brazing and grinding characteristics .

For the wood cutting sector, extensive research has been done on the different characteristics of circular cutting saws. Through the introduction of anticorrosive substances it  has been possible to create materials with very high performance  in any condition.

The experience gained in this sector allows us to solve the typical problems  related to wear and abrasion resistance. In the field of woodworking we produce profiling knives and planer knives in different systems:

  • Tersa ;
  • Plannex ;
  • Buldozer ;
  • Variplan ;
  • Special teeth and plates , as well as cylinders  and bars .

The carbide grades offered for this application range from K05 to K30  to cover all types of machining for different woods.

Rectified Products

The hard metal can be finished to obtain the desired shape, size and surface thanks to grinding with diamond wheels  for grinding or diamond pastes for polishing.

Following adequate investments in modern machines and qualified personnel, Nashira now also offers the grinding service of hard metal produced both in round and in plane up to tolerances of +/- 0.005 mm .