About Us

Vito Campagnuolo is the founder of Nashira HardMetals.

His twenty-year experience in the metallurgy industry qualifies him as one of the leading experts in the production of carbide in Italy.

Under his directions, Nashira HardMetals is today a leading company that stands as a reference point for the production of tooling components. A competence and professionalism that the Nashira team is beginning to develop in an increasing number of industries for an increasingly differentiated clientele. The growth of Nashira is very well taken care of by the company management team.

Nashira HardMetals invests more than 5% of its annual turnover in training and updating of its staff. This effort places Nashira at the forefront both as technological improvement and human resources management model. In this innovative perspective, the relationship with customers remains traditional. Working with Nashira means establishing a direct relationship with people whose main resource is above all: the passion for their work.



Creating value

Working with Nashira means creating a new synergy for a common growth. It means working on a project, an idea or even a customer dream to make an item more resistant than steel, brighter than silver

Being socially aware

Each of our choices takes into account the social and environmental impact.

Respect for people and their diversity and protection of the environment are essential elements for Nashira Hardmetals.

The greater fulfillment for Nashira Hardmetals team?

To overcome the expectations of our customers.



We believe the following principles should be absolutely respected:

  • Compliance with the rules
  • Actively listening to the needs of others.
  • A sincere interest in the customer.
  • Active listening to customer needs.


Our company is based on continuous innovation. We have clear ideas like:

  • Replacing “I look for” with “I find it”.
  • Asking instead of waiting.
  • Proposing ideas to improve work.

Common goals

Nashira hardmetals team members share several characteristics as:

  • Exchanging of improvements and appreciations.
  • Focusing on teamwork.
  • Supporting colleagues with confidence.

Safety and legality

We are constantly committed in these social issues.

Nashira Hard Metals is an active part of the A.L.I.L.A.C.C.O. Sannio to offer solidarity and support to the victims of racketeering, usury and extortion.

Acting according to the rules.

A job well done is a job without risk to health

Rationality in management

In our work it is important to always keep into account the following aspects:

  • Adopting a conscious work management.
  • Adopting non-reactive work management.
  • Optimizing space and time.
  • Being transparent in our work

Speed and timeliness

We have qualities that distinguish us from others:

  • Meeting deadlines.
  • Resolving conflicts immediately.
  • Surprising customers with our celerity.
  • Reducing timeframe

Green industry

Nashira Hard Metals is committed to pursuing a policy that places customers and environment at the core of its activities. This is why an integrated Quality / Environment system has been established. To date, in fact the following certifications have been achieved:

certificato di convalida della dichiarazione ambientale emesso dal DNV-EMAS


Certificato di qualità ISO 9001 emesso dal DNV

ISO 9001:2015

Certificato di qualità Ambientale ISO 14000 emesso dal DNV

ISO 14001:2015