In the mechanical industry industry the importance of carbide components is constantly growing.

The major applications in Europe of sintered components concern automotive components for mechanics industry.

The tungsten carbide mechanics components improve the productivity of metal cutting applications, mining, mineral, civil engineering, agriculture, food production and textile industries, just to name some of them.

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Nashira Hard Metals is able to solve any problem related to wear and resistance of critical parts in carbide tools thanks to a high quality production.

Among our best-selling products:

  • carbide bushing and core for molding bolts and metal drawing with hard metal grades;
  • bars and rods in both blank and ground hard metal;
  • blanks for carbide tools and blanks inserts;
  • widia inserts and widia plates;
  • hard metal bars;
  • disks for circular saws;
  • tips for reamers;
  • hard metal wire guides;
  • hard metal inserts;
  • rollers and rings;
  • helix strips.

These are just some examples of our wide range of hard metal production, customised to the specific needs of our customers.

Our technicians are available to help you in the design of the tools by answering your questions regarding the properties and characteristics of the hard metal: how to work, how to braze it correctly or simply by suggesting the most suitable grade for your applications.

This is important to prevent problems that may arise during the use of tungsten carbide.