Hardmetal finishing techniques

Starting from the sintered raw state, hardmetal parts can be finished according to the desired shape, size, flatness and finish of the surface. Such operations are performed by grinding with specific diamond grinding wheels or by applying the EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) technique. Hardmetal Grinding Conceptually, the grinding operation is outlined in the image below: [...]

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The 3 most common ways to cut hardmetal

3 ways to cut hardmetal try to explain how cut the hardest and most resistant materials in the world. Indeed, only a few materials manage to get through it, one of which being diamond. Ranked at the top the Mohs scale, diamond is the hardest material in existence. Consequently, the only suitable material for cutting [...]

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Wear resistance of hardmetal in various degrees produced by Nashira Hardmetals

What is Wear? To understand the wear resistance of hardmetals we have to know that all surfaces of industrial components have a certain degree of roughness. In tribological terms, this is an important initial feature which actually means that when two surfaces slide against each other, they come into contact in line with the small [...]

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